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A Message from the MDASLA President

Dear MDASLA members and friends,

I hope your 2022 has begun healthy and strong as the world continues to revolve around the everlasting effects of CoVid-19. A lot has changed in the last couple of years, but now more than ever we need to unite as a profession to put Climate Change front and center. Lots of potentially great opportunities will arise from the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. From record-setting amounts for parks, public transit, Amtrak, green energy, and highways and bridges we have seen in decades. But locally in our state, there is more to come. We will be providing updates from our lobbyist, Jack Neil, in the coming weeks on the happenings in our statehouse. We will be monitoring bills that affect us most. If there is anything that you feel that we as a chapter need to reach out about, please email me at

Other happenings in our chapter: We are working hard with Virginia and Potomac Chapters to form our 2022 Regional Climate Summit and Conference this June 9-11. These will be two half-day virtual sessions and one-day in-person tours of local projects. Also, we are planning some events to mark our 50th Anniversary as a chapter. Recalling our history is important as we reflect on this golden year to see how we as a profession, the chapter, and its members have grown. More information on these events will be forthcoming.

Thanks so much for the continued support of our chapter. I cannot wait to see you all at these events.


Joe Ignatius, III, ASLA

MDASLA, President 2021-2023

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