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What you get in your membership: 

  1. Lobbyist to annually to represent our interests, particularly those involving rights to practice and licensure,

  2. Organizing the Annual Awards Gala and the AIA and Victor Stanley Lecture Series and many more opportunities for education and fellowship,

  3. Embark production, our annual publication,

  4. Access to the latest news and trends in the industry—including the award-winning Landscape Architecture Magazine, 

  5. Specialized options for you to connect with members through 18 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) only found on the ASLA website, 

    • PPN’s provide important information and unite colleagues who share common practice emphasis

    • You can choose one or join additional PPNs for a nominal fee.

  6. Only ASLA members can use the professional designation, which shows your clients and your peers a commitment to the highest level of professionalism. By joining ASLA you are investing in your career and helping to promote the profession both locally and nationally. Every connection you make through ASLA presents you with a new opportunity.

Contact Membership

Have a question about becoming a member of our local chapter? Want to ask questions about what our chapter can do for you?

For every $1 you and I spend on dues to the Maryland Chapter, we get $1.20 in services back to the profession locally, an unprecedented 20 percent return on investment.  

Join more than 335 local members and 15,000 national members of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to immediately gain member-only access to valuable resources, tools, and information to help you invest in your career—only found on the ASLA website. You will be instantly linked to your local chapter activities and given a multitude of opportunities to connect with your peers. 

Membership Statistics

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*updated December 2023

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