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Lunchtime Learning: Common Misconceptions About Nutrient Movement & Availability in Soil Amendments

Date: March 3, 2022

Time:12:00-1:00 pm

Hosted on Zoom 1 LACES Please join ASLA and Bloom for a free webinar March 3rd to learn about misconceptions about nutrient movement & availability in soil amendments.

Confusion abounds when it comes to questions of availability and movement of nutrients from soil amendments. Bloom, a biosolids soil amendment and slow release fertilizer produced by DC Water, fields many questions about runoff concerns, plant available nutrients, mineralization rates and of course, the P word – phosphorus, a contentious topic in the world of nutrient management. In this webinar, horticulturalist and organics expert Ron Alexander will break down frequently asked questions by farmers, landscapers and home gardeners, and share results of a growing body of research on nutrient movement of biosolids specifically.


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