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Recent events have created uncertainty but hope about the future. How do we transform architecture and design to address rapidly changing needs and demands in our homes, workplaces, and public spaces? The 2022 AIA and BAF Lecture Series will explore current trends and changes in local and international work in the design industry as we look to our post-pandemic future.

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March 23: The first lecture in the AIA Baltimore & BAF 2002 Spring Lecture Series will explore landscape and planning in the context of social justice awareness, post-pandemic issues and urban fabric. Marc Miller, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Penn State, will present recent landscape, urbanism, and research projects throughout the county. Thor Nelson, Chief of Planning, Design, and Construction at DC Housing Authority, will discuss urban planning in DC and Baltimore.

April 13: The lecture will probe public space design, branding environments, graphic design, and fabrication through the work of Rick Sommerfeld of the Colorado Building Workshop at the University of Denver, and Bruce Willen of Post Typography. The speakers will present their design work and address changes and needs in the field due to recent uncertainty.

May 4th: The lecture will discuss design and community development to create social, economic and environmental impact, in dialogue with interior design and trends evident as we move into the post-pandemic design world. Elle Ramel of Latent Design and Rebecca Jones of RD Jones will present their recent architecture and interior design work across varying scales.


April 27th - DawOffice

This lunch lecture will explore the work of DawOffice, an international design firm based in Barcelona, Spain, and the post pandemic redesign of the spaces where we spend the most time: workplaces and the home.

March 30th - Angeliki Sioli

This lunch lecture will present the research and work by Angeliki Sioli, documenting connections between architecture and literature in the public realm of the city and aspects of embodied perception of place in the urban environment, within the context of rapidly changing needs resulting from the global pandemic.

Baltimore + Rotterdam: Designing Cities

[In Partnership with AIA Baltimore] Every Tuesday from February 15 - April 12, hosted virtually from 12-1:10pm]

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