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President's Letter - August 2019

Larissa Torres, ASLA

How many landscape architects do you know?  How many of them are NOT members of ASLA?

ASLA will be launching a new membership campaign later this year. Ahead of that effort, I encourage everyone reading this message to invite at least two of those non-member acquaintances to join!  Some might be easy to convince, and others may need some stronger persuasion.  So here is an overview of the benefits of membership to help you help them join!

I think I’ve said this before, but there really is something for everyone in ASLA membership, and in our Maryland Chapter. Following our FACE mission – Fellowship, Advocacy, Communication, Education – the MDASLA provides social and networking events, advocacy efforts and opportunities, updates via our newsletter and other notices, and continuing education throughout the year.

At the national level, ASLA offers many more benefits.  Help starting or building a business.  Additional educational resources. Discounts from conferences to software and more. Knowing your membership supports the organization that promotes and defends your profession and license.  Connections to allied professions and related conferences. Access to publications, career and firm resources, and potential opportunities. Whatever you might want out of membership – we have it!  And if we don’t, then just ask! We are here to serve you, our members, professional landscape architects around Maryland and across the country.

Finally – show me the money!  A common reason people give that they are not members is that it is too expensive.  Full Membership including a state chapter is over $400, not insignificant to be sure. What else can you buy with $400 each year?  Lunch out once a week; a pricey latte once a week (or a cheaper coffee 2-3 times); a couple adult beverages each week. 

You get the point.  It isn’t a small sum, but it isn’t undoable for most.  Comparing it to other small regular expenditures makes it seem less daunting.  Wait!  Did you know ASLA offers a monthly payment option?! Breaking the membership fee down to a smaller regular monthly payment might also help. It would be something less than $40/month, which might be a little easier to handle than a large payment all at once.

We all know non-members.  ASLA offers benefits to suit everyone.  And it’s not cheap, but it gives a lot more back to you than lunch or coffee. So please , invite your colleagues, friends, and acquaintances to join.  Helps us grow the chapter, so we can grow the programs and offerings we can give back to you our members!


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