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WATCH NOW: Park(ing) Day and Virtual Discussion Panel

Program: 5 minute intro, 3 speakers - 15 minutes each, 10 minutes Q&A

Panelists/Discussion Topics:

  • Jennifer Goold, Executive Director, Neighborhood Design Center

    • Design for Distancing Competition - free resource available

    • Design through implementation process

  • Erik Evans, Executive Director, Annapolis Downtown Partnership

    • Dinner Under the Stars event

    • Manages 2 recovery zones

  • Anna Dennis, Senior Associate, Design Collective

    • Design for Distancing Competition - 3 entries as a firm

    • Working with Downtown Baltimore Partnership for design and implementation

    • Design in COVID-19 Blog Series

Big Questions/Learning Objectives:

  • How do temporary park spaces in urban districts bring relief to businesses, residents, and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • How can government agencies, local partners, and design firms get involved with the design, implementation, and management of relief zones and pop-up parks?

  • What have been some of the most successful pieces of urban pop-up parks? What are some tweaks and changes that needed to be made once the parks were installed?

  • What additional resources do you have to share?


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