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Date: October 13, 2022

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Visualizations are an integral facet of landscape design. Everyone has a different approach, from continuing to embrace the more time-intensive hand-drawn methods, while others utilize CAD paired with 3D modeling and image-editing technology. Although each of these are successful to some degree - revisions are inevitable, and the time it takes to reconstruct these illustrations in multiple software’s can be greatly reduced by fine-tuning the design in a single application.

Join us to witness the power and efficiencies gained by 3D modeling in landscape-specific BIM software and gain an understanding of how to build various features found on a proposed site while using a combination of site planning tools and commonly used 3D modeling processes. Communication is essential for the success of any project, and the mention of “revisions” shouldn’t cause fear of going over budget.


  • Understand the benefits of using landscape-specific tools during your 3D modeling workflow.

  • Learn and master commonly-used 3D modeling processes to create custom objects.

  • Explore how designers communicate with clients and contractors in a more immersive way using virtual reality with the Vectorworks Nomad app.

  • Recognize the benefit of reducing revision challenges by working in a single file through modeling and rendering.


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