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Lunchtime Learning: Site Furnishings, Materials, & Coatings


This course takes a look into the raw materials used in making metal-based site furnishings, from the sourcing to the manufacturing, and how to protect those site furnishings with different types of coatings.

Learning Objectives:

1. Steel, Aluminum and Recycling Metal Process

i. What is the iron ore mining and refinement process?

ii. How is steel produced

iii. What are measuring units for steel and metal

iv. How is Aluminum used and produced?

v. How is metal recycled to be used again as a finished product

2. Plastisol coating

i. What is plastisol

ii. How is it applied to metals

iii. What  are the advantages and disadvantages 

3. Powder coating

i. What is powder coating

ii. What are the different types of powder coatings

iii. What are the advantages and disadvantages 

4. Site furnishings 

i. How is a piece created from start to finish

ii. What to look for in products and how to specify 

About Our Speaker :

CK Kraft | Territory Development | Anova CK was born and raised in Alexandria, VA. His mother and father grew up in Moorestown, NJ – an eastern suburb of Philadelphia. His family’s love of Philly sports was instilled in him at an early age. He is a huge Philadelphia 76ers, Phillies, Eagles and Flyers fan. When he’s not watching sports or on the golf course, CK is usually spending time with family and friends. He is still very close to many of his high school and college friends. CK graduated from Virginia Tech and no surprise here is a big Virginia Tech fan. Lastly, CK became an uncle last year and loves spending time with his niece, Ryan. REGISTER HERE


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