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CURRENT(LY): A Lunchtime Lecture with DAWOffice (April 27)

Recent events have created uncertainty but hope about the future. How do we transform architecture and design to address rapidly changing needs and demands in our homes, workplaces, and public spaces? The 2022 AIA and BAF Lecture Series will explore current trends and changes in local and international work in the design industry as we look to our post-pandemic future.

This lunch lecture will explore the work of DawOffice, an international design firm based in Barcelona, Spain, and the post-pandemic redesign of the spaces where we spend the most time: workplaces and the home.


Dawoffice is an architecture studio founded by David García in 2010 in Barcelona. Over his career, he has developed different projects: residential, facilities, urban planning, rehabilitation and social architecture. Some of them are unfinished ideas and s. The studio's curriculum will be presented in general terms and special attention will be paid to those projects crossed by the common thread that is the heritage of modernism from Barcelona to Africa.

Since 2014 the studio and other patrons have created a foundation with the aim of solving social problems through architecture and design. Its name is foundawtion and it has active projects in Senegal, Spain and Namibia. The aim os this foundation is to cover social needs that can be solved though architecture and design. Different personalities of the Spanish design sphere have collaborated with us either by giving workshops in Senegal, collaborating in the dissemination of our work or generating merchandising and organising events to raise funds. Among them are Javi Royo, Javier Mariscal, Marc Morro, Flavia Álvarez-Pedrosa (Flavita Banana) and Pepa Reverter.

The most prominent project was the construction of CEM Kamanar, a school for five hundred pupils in a rural area of Senegal with local materials and technical solutions inherited from modernism.


DAWOFFICE is a project workshop founded by David García at the beginning of 2010. The studio's methodology always takes the environment into account, and the objective is to provide urban and architectural solutions that are integrated into the context.

The various projects proposed from the beginning of the studio's trajectory, ranging from unfinished ideas to built work, do not seek to respond to a specific style, but are the result of an evolution in the design process.

The work methodology is based on a continuous exchange of ideas between team members, always generating various points of view that help improve the final result.

Therefore, projects are always understood as the result of an analysis of pre-existing conditions, which serves as a starting point, but at the same time as the end of the process. The proposal always aims to improve the environment where it is carried out, and vice versa, the project seeks to be favored by the context.

In addition to respect for the environment, sustainability also plays an essential role in the projects. Sustainability is understood as something integral in all the project processes, not as an additive, and it is important that the proposals always make economic sense, respect the environment and adjust to the needs program that always results in a better experience for people.

About Our Presenters

David García Martínez is an architect born in Barcelona. He received his degree in architecture in 2004 from (ETSALS) Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura La Salle and his masters MPIA, also from ETSALS. He is currently working on his Ph.D. dissertation on the topic of the Aggregative Distributions developed by Arne Jacobsen.

He worked as head of international projects in the well-known Spanish studio Martinez-Lapeña Torres arquitectos and subsequently founded Chacártegui-García arquitectos together with his colleague Antón Chacártegui. At the same time, in 2006, together with economist Tarek al Masr, he founded Seed Global Advisoring (SGA), a consulting firm specializing in architectural projects.

He currently heads the architectural firm DAW Office, founded in 2010. During the studio’s colorful trajectory, he delved into social architecture, which led him to create the “foundawtion” foundation in collaboration with other design professionals. The foundation’s mission is to solve social problems in developing countries through design and architecture.

He also teaches architecture at Escuela Superior de Arquitectura la Salle (URL) and also at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura del Vallès (UPC).

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