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ASLA Regional Design Challenge

Teams or individuals that compete are asked to design an innovative climate-based project for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed region that effectively addresses the goals and initiatives listed below as part of ASLA’s Climate Action Plan ( The project must employ climate adaptation strategies as outlined in the ASLA Climate Action Plan Field Guide ( and apply them in a thoughtful and beautiful way to the local community and environment.  


Challenge Opens: January 19, 2024

Letter of Intent to Apply Due: March 1 at 11:59 PM EST

Final Entries Due: May 31, 2024

Winners Announced: August 2024

ASLA Conference Poster Exhibition: October 2024


Successful submissions / projects will be based on the ASLA Climate Action Plan’s aspirations, which are rooted in the following three key goals and six key initiatives of IFLA Climate Action Commitment.


  • Practice: Scale Up Climate Positive Approaches

  • Equity: Empower Communities to Achieve Climate Justice

  • Advocacy: Build Coalitions for Climate Action



  • Carbon Drawdown:  Attain zero emissions by 2040 and double carbon sequestration;

  • Climate Resilience:  Enhance capacity, biodiversity, and resilience of liveable cities and communities;

  • Climate Agency:  Advocate for climate justice and social well-being;

  • Cultural Empowerment:  Learn from cultural knowledge systems and practices of care;

  • Climate Leadership:  Galvanize climate champions;

  • Global Alliance:  Advance the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and expand international collaboration.


Teams or individuals must submit a Letter of Intent to Apply to in order to be eligible to submit a final proposal.


A small number of projects will be selected based on the evaluation criteria and receive cash prizes and opportunities to exhibit their work at the 2024 ASLA Conference and/ or with MD ASLA.

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