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Job Shadow Week FAQs (Students)

Why should I consider this program?

This is an excellent opportunity to explore the wide world of landscape architecture by getting an inside look into the professional practice and seeing what it is like to be a landscape architect for the day. Find out how some of our larger local firms work on projects halfway across the world, or get into the details of design with a boutique firm. The choice is yours.

Sounds interesting, tell me more...

You will have the opportunity to select the firm of your choice and visit as a “shadow” employee for a day.  Watch the design process unfold and learn what tools and technologies are being used in today’s offices. This is your opportunity to network, ask questions, and see what professional practice is all about. 

You can choose a firm that specializes in projects of interest to you or try out a firm that works on projects outside of your experience or comfort zone. Who knows, firms could even be looking for their next intern or designer. Either way, you will learn a lot through the experience of a job shadow. 

Cool! What can I expect? 

Every firm experience is a little bit different but, at the end of the day, you will walk away with an understanding of how each functions, the types of projects they design, their process and approach to each design, and the skills and knowledge needed to become a contributing member of their team. Job shadows may consist of project briefings, site visits,networking with various members of the design team, office tours, portfolio reviews, and more.

Sign me up!

Mark your calendar - you can reserve your spot  beginning February 11th at 8am using the online sign-up form which will be posted here.


Use the Firm Information sheet to determine who your top picks are and sign up for ONE firm visit. These slots are on a first come first serve basis, so log in early to reserve your top pick. Once you have signed up for a placement, you will receive an email with the firm’s contact information and all the details you need.

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