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Oberlander Prize Forum II: Landscape Activism

Photo Courtesy TEN x TEN, 2015 (left to right Julie Bargmann, Joe Bargmann, Maura Rockcastle and Ross Altheimer)

The Cultural Landscape Foundation presents Oberlander Prize Forum II: Landscape Activism

Conference: Friday, October 28, 2022, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TX

“The day that I dedicated myself to call myself D.I.R.T., that was the day that I just stuck my flag in the ground, albeit being toxic ground, and I just said, you know, this is my life’s work ... And I think of Cornelia [Oberlander], and I think about her planting her flag in the ground. And how persistent she was in this kind of … dogged way.

“I’m maybe not a savior, but I like to think maybe I’m an avenger. And I am leading a charge. But to have more colleagues plant their flag in the ground and go, really go, and unrelentingly, just believe in what you’re doing. Don’t get all distracted and fulfill the program of projects. You know? Have at it.”

- Julie Bargmann, Inaugural Oberlander Prize Laureate

The need for activist approaches to design is greater than ever given the scale of contemporary challenges, from climate change and biodiversity loss to racial and social equity. This one-day conference will showcase the ways that landscape architecture is taking the lead in these efforts.

Speakers include: Jane Edmonds, Jane’s Way (Keynote); Sierra Bainbridge, MASS Design; Naomi Davis, Blacks In Green; April De Simone, Democracy by Design; Max Dickson/ Danielle Toronyi, OLIN Labs LGBTQ initiative; Gina Ford, Agency Landscape + Planning; Donna House, Ethnobotanist; Angela Kyle, Urbanist and kin-keeper; Marc Miller, Black Landscape Network; Chelina Odbert, Kounkuey Design Initiative; Lee Pivnik, Institute of Queer Ecology; and Maura Rockcastle, TEN x TEN.

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