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Landscaping Winter Conference

Date: January 28th, 2022 Time: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Location: Turf Valley Resort

4 LACES CREDITS AVAILABLE Nicole Sherry – Director of Field Operations, Baltimore Orioles. Board of Directors, Sports Turf Management Association (STMA)

Nicole has been the Director of Field Operations for the Baltimore Orioles for the past 15 years. One of only 2 female Groundskeepers in Major League Baseball, she has been a pivotal member of the organization for the past 18 years. She has also worked on golf courses and in research and development at the University of Delaware where she earned a degree in Agriculture. She has earned numerous accolades for her trailblazing efforts including the Mary Pickersgill Award for Women’s Leadership in Business by the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House and the prestigious Dick Ericson Founders’ Award, from the STMA. As an STMA board member, Nicole provides input on Professional Facilities. Perhaps most notably Nicole is the only speaker with her own bobblehead doll!

Presentation – Nicole will speak to performing operations as a Turf Manager for a professional sports organization. Of note, working with a professional sports team, turf types, soil and drainage considerations, preparation of the field prior to, during, and after the season. Nuances of the field operations at Camden Yards, how she rose to her position as a female in the green industry, and just how to get that perfect striping on the grass. Learning objectives:

1. Understand the daily and seasonal operations of a professional sports turf field

2. Understand the drainage component of a multi acre sports turf facility

3. Learn how to prepare lawns for events with heavy activity and little room for error

4. How to overcome gender norms in a field historically dominated by male counterparts

Jennifer Horn – Principal, Jennifer Horn Landscape Architecture Neada Onufrychuck – Owner, House on Willow Hill

Jennifer - In 1991 Jennifer Horn was hired for part time work at a plant nursery in Northern Virginia. Within months she became hooked, and decided to study horticulture at Virginia Tech and to then pursue a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from University of Georgia. Jennifer has worked on projects from New York City to Hawaii, designing luxury landscapes for residences, communities, and resorts. Active projects involve constant collaboration with local architects and contractors for projects in DC and the surrounding municipalities. In 2017, Washingtonian Magazine named Jennifer a "woman to watch". She has also written and been featured in many Magazine articles including one recently in Home and Design featuring Neada’s home.

Neada – A client of Planted Earth and Jennifer Horn, Neada and her husband Brian came to us a project and has which has blossomed into a great friendship and continuing relationship. Neada grew up from humble means and learned at a young age to not take luxuries or even the simple things for granted. She came to appreciate art and design and more recently Maidenhair Fern! She has become a social media influencer with her Instagram handle: House on Willow Hill, with over 11,000 followers and counting. She is a ray of positive energy that emanates on everyone with whom she comes in contact. Her growth and appreciation for her home and property has turned into a continual transformation, from a run down log cabin on a hill in Vienna, Virginia, to a grand presentation with gardens, meadows, and livestock. Learning objectives:

1. Learn the history and purpose of greenroofs

2. Understand benefits of greenroofs both environmentally and financially

3. How to install, maintain, remediate and irrigate greenroofs

4. How to inform clients on expectations of greenroofs

Presentation - Both notable in their own right, Jennifer and Neada will speak to the process of collaboration, on a project between the Landscape Architect and Owner. Home and Design beat us to the chase with a recent webinar featuring Neada and Jennifer along with the homes Architect and Interior Designer. This presentation however will focus on the landscape design process, collaborative efforts in placing the exterior living areas, decision making and revisions with the owner, and future expansion.

Jennifer Giunta – Director of Sales, Riverbend Greenroofs

Jennifer has been the Director of Sales at Riverbend Greenroofs since 2018. A passion for sustainability, needing a life change, and wanting to provide a greater impact on the world, lead her to green roofing. Prior to joining Riverbend Greenroofs, Jennifer held many roles at Chapel Valley Landscape over the course of 18 years. While at Chapel Valley her roles included Design/Sales Representative, Account Manager, Branch Manager and Director of Sales. She holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Horticulture from Virginia Tech as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IFM Business School in Geneva, Switzerland. Learning objectives:

1. Understand how social media plays a role in marketing from the perspective of an influencer

2. Learn how the successful client/architect relationship leads to continued growth for both

3. How to navigate through the collaborative design process with the owner, architect, LA, and contractor

4. How to expand a property as an owners needs/desires develop and keep in the original design concept intact.

Presentation - This presentation provides an overview of green roofs, including history, purpose, installation, maintenance, remediation, and irrigation. Objective is to have a more thorough understand what to expect out of a green roof, how much it takes to maintain a successful green roof and be able to inform clients on expectations.

Renee Quillin – Plant Purchaser, Planted Earth Landscaping

Renee has been employed with Planted Earth since 2016. She attended UMBC and graduated with a degree in Biology, focusing on Plant Physiology. She is an active Master Gardener and currently working towards her Certified Professional Horticulturist designation to progress her education in edible landscaping and medicinal herbs. Renee was previously a Gardener with the Landscape Management Division and was promoted to Purchasing Manager in Spring of 2020.

Learning objectives:

1. Understand the origin and migration of the boxwood tree moth

2. Identify boxwood tree moths and symptoms

3. Results of boxwood tree moths to host

4. Controls and scouting of boxwood tree moths

Presentation – Renee will speak about Box Tree Moths. A relatively unknown pest in our immediate area, Box Tree Moths follow Boxwood Blight as the next threat to our beloved boxwood and they are on their way here. Renee will discuss the migration of the moths, damage, management, and future considerations.

Vendor Presentations:

Brian Mitchell – Manor View Farm

Heather Callahan – Riverbend Nursery

To register for this event, please email with the subject line "Winter Conference".


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